Wednesday, 10 February 2010

From The BBC

David Mundell makes webcast date
David Mundell
David Mundell will be answering your questions
An online interview with shadow Scottish secretary David Mundell will see him answer questions submitted by members of the public.
BBC Scotland's political editor Brian Taylor will quiz Mr Mundell during the half-hour webcast, taking place around the Scottish Conservative conference.
Please submit questions by Wednesday evening, using the form below.
You will be able to watch the webcast by going to the BBC Scotland
Yeh, we know. 
We've no idea who this fucker is either. But the problem is you see,
that to fulfil our public service remit we've got to interview him.
Whoever he is. The word from upstairs at Pacific Quay is to make nice
with the Tories, because Lord Snooty and his pals are likely to form the next
UK government and they could fuck us over big time.
So look, could you help us out? Just make up a question about
anything. I mean Brian Taylor can spin it out for ages.
Talk about their great shared love of pies or something.
God, would you just  look at him? He is a fat bastard isn't he?
Go on, please. Any question will do.
Maybe ask him if he sees anything when he looks in the mirror.
Whether his mother had any children that lived.
What's he going to do with all his spare time when Cameron sacks him as Scottish Secretary and parachutes Michael Forsyth in from The Lords.
Anything will do honestly. We just need to fill a few minutes of airtime
pretending that what this guy, whathisname, fat boy, has to say is
interesting or important.

We know it's not, but we just have to pretend.

Inside: Naw, I'm only kidding! Of course I know who
David Mundell is.
He's this lying fuck:

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