Coalition ministers have pledged to pursue Iceland in the courts to recoup billions lost by UK savers when the country’s banking sector collapsed.
It came as it emerged Scottish councils face a long wait to get back more than £30 million they lost in the crash....
Danny Alexander, the LibDem Chief Secretary to the Treasury, vowed yesterday that the matter would not rest and said that it would end in court. 
The Highland MP later told The JT: " I fully expect the Icelanders to completely crap themselves when confronted by me in court."
It is thought that the Icelanders, following a millennia old tradition, are already working on an epic poem to mark the up-coming court battle. The poem  begins :" And from the south there came the one they call Danny The Ginger Twat.... and the people looked upon Danny and laughed themselves urineless."
Inside: Apparently its "Vio afhendingu" if Google's to be believed.