Monday, 18 April 2011

Scots agree with Scott, for once

Tavish Scott, leader of the Lib-Dems here, at home, among oor ain folk, has been quoted saying he's "not comfortable" with the UK-wide party's links with the Tories. The revelation  shows just how in accord Mr Scott's  emotional temper is with the wider Scottish voting public. 

In polls conducted for The JT this last weekend, Scots were found to be "not comfortable" with the idea that Tavish Scott actually existed. One respondent said: "When I reflect on the fact that Tavish Scott isn't just a two word concept but a living, breathing human being that I might actually bump into, I get very uncomfortable with the whole idea. Is there any chance of him just fucking off out of it?"

There may well be a fucking off window opening in the very near future, as real polls, not ones imagined in pursuit of a cheap gag, are suggesting that the Scottish Lib-Dems are on to a tanking in the upcoming Holyrood elections. 

Tavish Scott, not very comfortable, yesterday
The prospect of electoral annihilation has led one Lib-Dem source to comment :
"After being given an electoral kicking, politicians usually react by describing the process as a 'wake up call'. This one is heading for a call to take lots of sleeping pills, a half bottle of vodka and the writing of a long. teary, goodbye note."

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