Tuesday, 26 June 2012

As is only proper,

The JT is seen very much as a journal of record, a source of objective knowledge to be consulted on matter of great import-an accurate version of Wikipedia if you will.

For example, if you go to Google images and type in "Quebec Flag- Goon" your search results will feature a jpeg from The JT. Early doors, like first or second. 
And so it is with other matters of import. For another example, type the words "is Gillian Smart pregnant again?" into Google and up will come a pointer to a previous JT feature on the alarming proclivity of BBC Scotland's weather girls, including Gillian, to get up the duff in concert.
We can only speculate whether there's something in the water at BBC Scotland's HQ or all the weather girls really like the guy who brings in the morning rolls.
Whatever, as part of our continuing commitment to the public good, to the question "is Gillian Smart pregnant again?" , we present the following in evidence. Readers of a nervous disposition or those who harbour strangely complicated and unsettling feelings towards Gillian are advised to look away now.
Normal looking Gillian, nothing to concern us here.

But wait! Oh, no! Evidence of sin!

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The Paper Boy said...

I see from BBC Alba (I was delighted to double its audience the other evening) that the BBC PQ weather map also works in gaelic...