Monday, 2 July 2012

Ah yes, of course, that's right...

Monday mornings huh? Bleurgh.
 Anyway, your editor thought to cheer his readers ( Hi you two!) with new news and old news, making the point that things never really change, they just keep coming  'round again as slightly different things. 
Or something like that anyway.
According to today's Skintsman, the incoming heid bummer at the SRU, (That's the Scottish Rugby Union, a governing body sort of thing, if you didn't know, or care), Alan Lawson has predicted that Scotland can win the next Rugby World Cup. 
He also reckons we're a shoo-in for the Home Nations title and, for all I know, reckons we can play the Lord Jesus Christ  at half-back because God was Scottish. But lets concentrate on the WC claim. We have been here before, reader dear, as I confirmed by rooting through the archival fusty dusty. 
October 2003. The RWC is just kicking off. Gregor Townsend has us winning same. Yup, that turned out really well didn't it? Incidentally, I swear to God I haven't edited this old feature. And now if you'll excuse me I'm just off to develop my new career- reading tea leaves.(Apologies for the layout, I can't reformat for shit)

"Quickly nurse! The screens! : Fly-half goes half-daft.
Legend in his own lunchtime, Scotland fly-half Gregor Townsend pushed off from Reality Quay and took the good ship HMS Havering for a trip round Bananas Bay when
 he claimed this week that Scotland could win the Rugby World Cup.

In an act of either touching loyalty to the cause or evidence
 of delusional behaviour Gregor claimed that Scotland’s recent run
 of bad form didn’t mean that we couldn’t win the Cup.
 Which is true Gregor, but the reason we won’t win the RWC is
 because there are better teams in the competition than us.
Teams, for example, who don’t field fly-halfs
who make a worrying habit of spilling hospital passes.
You know who you are…
Back on planet Earth, Ian McGeechan, bowing out as Scotland coach
after the RWC, revealed this week that he would’ve taken
 the England coaching job had it been offered.

Luckily for Ian, the job of coaching the white-shirted Forces Of Darkness
 went to some speccy baldy bloke, as the Scottish support
don’t take kindly to Scots
assisting THEM in any sporting capacity.

We wouldn’t want Ian going from being a
"national treasure" to a "traitorous bastard" in the time it takes for
that wee nyaff Wilkinson to rack up twenty points.

Inside: Yes, I know which side is going to win the RWC,

 I just don’t want to think about it…"

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