Sunday, 22 July 2012

Can't think of a title for this... suddenly distracted...

I mean, she's a nice enough looking wumman, but...
OK, so here's the thing. 

I run a bit of software on the blog that counts the number of hits and where they're coming in from.  I'm just being nosy but to be honest I would've preferred a bit of software to not only give a general heids-up but also the name, address of the hiter (?) and where the spare keys to the hoose are kept.( My money's on that curling store propping open the greenhouse door).
 But anyway, the above rake term popped up the other day, it reads, "Sally Magnusson-milf." and due to the wonder of Google's metrics, The JT turned up as the eight -ranked link on that term.
OK, so here's the thing, again.
 I'm of the opinion that each of us is entitled to their opinion, but I can genuinely say that I've never before seen the words Sally Magnusson and Milf nestle together in the same sentence. Maybe its just me, but Sally as a Milf? Really?
Incidentally, the gag-strewn feature to which the raker was directed, does mention, a genuine, 100%, Milf, IMOH, although weather wonder, Judith Ralston, is rapidly coming up on the rail-side.
 Its the glasses, oh God, the glasses...

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