Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Disease linked to Catholicism.

Concern was growing last night that the incidence of a serious disease might be linked to an openly Catholic lifestyle. 
Speculation mounted after it was revealed that a senior God botherer in Scotland, Archbishop of Glasgow elect, Philip Tartagalia, had speculated, in a public forum. if the death of a Scottish MP had been caused by his gayness. The MP, tactfully (tactically?) unnamed by The Archbish is, back on Planet Earth , known to have died of an illness not related to his sexual preference.

It does appear however that there is a clear link between indulging in a blatantly Catholic lifestyle and talking out the arse. Man in a dress, Tartagalia, has claimed that he could go to jail at some point for "speaking out" against gay lifestyles. Hmm, yes, best leave it there I think...

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