Friday, 13 July 2012

What do Indian Orangemen sing?

we'll guard Old Delhi's Walls of course. And that must serve as a not at all laboured introduction to today's topic: spam that's fun!
Below, an offer to really class-up The JT brand. (Verbatim).

"Dear Sir,
             We are manufacturer and supplier of all kind of Masonic Regalia products such as Masonic Apron, Collars, Sashes, Banners, Gauntlets, MMA apron, FC apron, Hand and Machine Embroidered Aprons collars, sashes, Gloves, Badges and Knights Templar ECt. 
    We welcome you to do Business with us we can ensure you that our product quality is good and with affordable price. We hope that you will give us a chance to see ourselves. We believe that the price is nothing behind the quality of product. 
    We can also make customized designs according to demand. We manufacturer and send our products on lots if you directly buy from us we hope it will be cheaper for you. 
     So if you are interested and have some custom designs please send us with information.

Mr.Abbas Akhter
(Manager Director)
The Masonic Regalia...."

And evidence, if evidence was needed, that the Masonic conspiracy has spread its tentacles etc blah , blah, to the furthest flung reaches of the yadda, yadda, the address of The Masonic Regalia?:

Mr.Abbas Akhter
(Manager Director)
The Masonic Regalia
Zafar Wall Road, Mohallah Neka Pura Near 
Masjid Rehmat-ul-ala-Ameen, Sialkot ,Pakistan.
Tel:- +92 52 3611667
Cell:- +92 321 7100135
Cell:- +92 333 8685030
Web Site:-

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