Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Infinite number of monkeys! But for the space-age!

A pub website designer, yesterday.
You know that infinite number of monkeys theorem? The one that holds that if you gave an infinite number of monkeys access to typewriters, they'd eventually bang out Shakespeare's oeuvre? Yeh, that one. Anyway:
I've got an example that brings the whole idea bang up to date, to today. The Space-Age. The link below will take you to a pub website that I need to make two comments about.
 First, the gags on this site are top notch. Very clever, well put together in a sort of Viz way but with its own vibe. I'm inordinately jealous and I want to die, but moving on. 
Second, the website design. Whew. Its either a very deliberate pastiche of cutting-edge web design from about 1994 or someone's let the monkeys loose on  a FTP program found under Caxton's Press and bolted it on to a little known widget called Explosion in The Font Factory. Either way, be warned: this is very mental.
Because I'm a kind chap, I'm linking you to the FAQ page which starts well and gets better. From there, navigate to the other pages, or the FAQuing Hell pages as I've just decided to call them.... 
(Thanks to Brighton Joe for the link, although I suspect his motives were  less than pure. A Celtic-liker, if you catch my drift, not overly grief stricken at the Prospect of The Huns playing in the Dulux Gloss East-Midlands Reserve League next season.)

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