Tuesday, 2 February 2010

From the BBC

SNP councillor in South Lanarkshire defects to Labour

A SNP councillor in South Lanarkshire has quit the party and defected to Labour.

Councillor John McNamee said he no longer believed in independence and was disillusioned by the in-fighting and lack of vision at local level.
He had been under investigation by the local SNP group over his expenses and allegations of inappropriate behaviour. 

It is understood he was also under investigation for just looking really weird. A SNP source told the JT: "For some time now we've been concerned that there isn't one bit of Mr McNamee that's hanging straight. I mean, look at him, I've seen stroke victims with less squinty faces."

An activist within the local Labour Party, while welcoming the defection  also expressed concern over the ex-SNP councillor's coupon: "Let's face it, at the minute we'll take anybody, but if he's going to go out canvassing with a boat like that then we'll need to get him one of those "Elephant Man" masks."

Labour concerns over the matter stems from a previous election period when Margaret Beckett visited the area to assist in canvassing, leading to  calls from worried locals to the police, the zoo and those two off The X-files.

Mr McNamee said "Grrr! Woof! Woof!"

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