Friday, 19 February 2010

Form an orderly queue

As the long-term reader of The JT ( ten-years old this April BTW. No flowers please, just send money.) knows, in a world of chaos and inconstancy, certain things remain true for the editor:

- all modern sitcoms must be tested against the sitcom gold standard that is Father Ted,
- in terms of serious political satire The Onion remains the Daddy and,
- no one does everything else funny better than Viz.

As evidenced by the scanned gem below.

Do form an orderely queue....


Eileen said...

Is this a series? Do one for Thandie Newton and her annoying face.

The Jaggy Thistle said...

Well, there's the rest of The Royal Femlay to get through first

Cold said...


Prince Andrew's next on the list.

After we get through the ever-growing list of the Royals, who next?

My list would include:

1. Anyone who's ever been on X-Factor, Pop Idol, Big Brother or similar

2. Anyone who's ever watched any of the above

3. ... in your own time, go on!

The Jaggy Thistle said...

Hello Craigie boy, what's occurring?