Monday, 1 June 2009

David, stop digging...

You know what they say, the only way to halt one's downward trajectory into the hole is to stop utilising a bladed digging implement to further excavate the cavity.Or words to that effect.

Wise words that should be heeded by Tory Shadow Scottish Secretary David Mundell.

David, if the Sunday Torygraph is to be believed, has helped himself to £3000 of other people's money over the last four years for (ahem) "photographic purposes." 

That £3000 has included us generously  helping pay for the world's only known legal copy of Photoshop which David insists he has only used for "resizing" photographs of himself and he's never done any "retouching." 


Using Photoshop  simply to resize photographs is a little like needing to go somewhere and choosing a Maserati over a bus pass; not really justified I'm afraid. 

Before "resizing"...

...and after.

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