Thursday, 25 June 2009

"City of despondency" in major re-brand, not...

The City of Dundee aka Temazepam on Tay, announced a major re-branding exercise this week.

Dundonians, big of brawn, enjoying an effusion of tattoos and luxuriant facial hair (and that's just the women) are said to be overwhelmed at the prospect.

Explaining the change, a City Council spokespey told The JT: "We had a firm of consultants in fae Edinburgh, like, ken. And they said that the existing slogan "Dundee: City of Despondency" was too general and didn't reflect the 21st century zeitgeist of personalisation, whatever the fuck that means."

To reflect the new reality inside council officials' heads the new slogan will read "Dundee: One city, many despondencies".
Reflecting, presumably, that, when you think about it, ultimately we're all alone in the world, forced to live out our pointless existence trapped inside an existential hell of our own making.

Or perhaps it's not quite as upbeat as that.

Anyway, the new strategy will involve famous Dundonians acting as ambassadors for the city. Famous Dundonians like Brian Cox! That''s a good one, and then there's, em, er,

Did I mention Brian Cox?.

Inside: This is true. Many, many years ago, when the world was made of wood and life was lived in black and white, via The JT, I re-labelled Dundee as "The City of Despondency", much to the amusement of my Dundee-based readers.
Apart from Dundee City Council, that is. I got an email from the press office pointing out my "error".

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