Thursday, 11 June 2009

"Hello, and welcome back...

Battle cry ... Lorraine Kelly GMTV with me, Lorraine Kelly. You know, at this time of the year most of us women have a wee problem, just how do you accessorise that lovely wee tartan handbag that caught your eye?

Well, here's an idea, how about mixing and matching by getting yourself a Challenger 2 tank? Apart from being the UK 's main battle tank, capable of 54kmph and rapid fire from its 120mm rifled tank gun, it'll go with just about anything, including that wee tartan bag.

Tomorrow we'll be looking at summer sandals and asking just how does a Tornado match up against The Harrier when it comes to setting off those lovely wee tan numbers! But now, let's find out if The Arabs will be spending any money on new players over the summer. Morning Craig, how's Dundee this morning?"

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