Tuesday, 30 March 2010


...who has ever walked 'round St.Andrews during the university year has probably met this person. 

When  I say "met", I mean been blessed to stand in the same queue in a St.Andrews shop while being regaled (along with the rest of the queue) at fog-horn volume with the fascinating news that fuckface's gap year was "rahhly rahhly great". 
I say "person", but I really mean the sort of annoying walking, braying archetype-made-flesh that makes you regret the passing of open, hate-filled class warfare. 

You know, the warfare with pitchforks, scythes and lots of rope...

Amongst those apparently very few non-rah types at St.Andrews, a collectivity of these creatures is known as a twat.

Presumably the litmus test in St.Andrews of your class origins is whether you watch this clip and think; "what a cutting piece of social satire" or "Oh my God, aren't documentaries just so cool?"

BTW, if you do think this clip is documentary then would you please just fuck right off? 

Thank you.

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