Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Reduce, re-use, recycle and re-invoice

In a world embittered by cynicism, The JT, as you, dear reader knows, stands four square against such negativity, looking instead for the best in people, marvelling anew every day at the creativity of the human intellect in finding new paths to walk down, fresh vistas to appreciate and very long opening sentences to construct.

My eye was drawn to a feature in The Herald  reporting  that the very wonderful logo designed for the upcoming Weegiewurld Commonwealth games bore an uncanny similarity to a logo designed some time ago for a different client by the same firm of designers.

It has come to a pretty pass, when designers, quite possibly, maybe, leading in the fight for the environment by assiduously recycling old logos are in receipt of pelters.

In any case, let us consider the two designs and make our own judgement.

First up, the Commonwealth Games logo:

And now the logo done, by the same agency, for arts mob "The Common Guild" back in 2006:

They are quite clearly quite different. Wan's in colour, and the other wan isnae.

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