Saturday, 20 March 2010

Er, whit?

Fully aware that I'm laying myself open to a well-deserved, pot/kettle/black charge I still  can't let this go by. 
According to the BBC Scotland news website (so it must be true) SNP supremo Alex Salmond has described a possibly hung parliament at Westminster as "redolent with opportunity". 

Sorry, whit?

As far as I know the word redolent has 3 meanings - suggestive, strongly scented or fragrant. So is Alex saying the prospect of a hung parliament is a bit pongy? He might conceivably mean that the situation is pregnant with opportunity.

He has got form with this type of bollocks tho'. Exactly like the embarrassing uncle who tries to get down with kids by using expressions he only half-understands Alex has been talking about anger over political  expenses as symptomatic of "rage against the machine". What is he on about? Has he ever listened to the band?
Fuck off...

And just to make sure he's got all the cliche bases covered, of the SNP need to win 20 seats at Westminster is described by Alex as " a big ask". 

A big arse more like.

Inside: If you need a daily fix of an embarrassing uncle sans pareil  can I suggest you tune into Tom Morton's show on BBC Radio Scotland. That fucker has got embarrassing uncle nailed, big time.

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