Friday, 5 March 2010

You're feeling stupid, very, very stupid...

News, fans of the mental, that celeb hypnotist Paul McKenna has trousered £20K to address Weegiewurld's unemployed. The idea apparently is that Paul will motivate the assembled jobless into immediately getting a job, or something.

The money for Paul's fee is being provided by Skills Development Scotland, a government agency. 

Contacted by The JT, the civil servant responsible for giving McKenna the gig said : "I don't know what happened. I was talking to Paul's agent, saying that we wouldn't dream of funding something as superficial as that, with no means of measuring the impact, and then Paul started talking directly to me and then every went hazy and then I woke up having just written Paul a cheque for £20K".

Mr McKenna's website reports that he can help clients with weight loss. I wonder, is there anyone he could help while in Scotland?

Anyone, anyone at all you can think of.

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