Sunday, 14 March 2010

Okay, now this is just plain WRONG

Thanks, (if that's the right word), to Thunder Bay Pete for headupping (if such a phrase exists) on the below. 
There are, dear reader, as you know, two main meanings of the word "awesome". One is like, "whoa, awesome", the other "this is scaring me." 

Take a wild guess which meaning jumps into your head when confronted  with this weirdness. 

I note from this clip's YT page that it's had over 2m hits. Just what the world needs, 2m people who will never sleep again.

Pete asks, what's on the guy's head? I ask, what's in the guy's head?


The Paper Boy said...

The backstory of this is funny... the singer had written a happy song about a cowboy, but seeing he was in the Soviet Union and had to get it past the censor, he simply removed all the words instead...

voiceofourown said...

I like it. It'l be roaming around in my head for weeks to come and I'll no doubt be humming it every time the wee budgie in my head dings his bell.