Monday, 18 May 2009

Pulling, RIP

Doubtless to offer me existential comfort, when as a child, I asked her why good people die young, my Mum would reply: "Because God wants them beside him."

And if you follow the logic, bad people got to live longer because God didn't want them.
From an early age, I started to see flaws in this explanation. I mean, if God didn't like someone why didn't he just kill them and get them sent to Hell?

This was all brought back to mind after watching the last ever Pulling on BBC 3 last night. Why didn't Pulling get a third series? Here are the theological options:
  1. Because God wants Pulling beside him, in Heaven.
  2. Because God wants to punish us by denying us a third series while suffering Two Pints and Gavin and Stacey to live.
  3. Because there is no God, nothing makes sense and there's no point to any of it.
My money's on 3.

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