Tuesday, 12 May 2009

"Expenses row" - could it mean that Mick has to actually pit in a shift?

As the row over MPs' expenses rumbles on, there was concern in Westminster last night that under-fire Speaker Michael Martin might actually have to get a real job.

One Labour MP told The JT: "Compared to Mick, all the other tools in the bag are capable of quickly cutting through something very hard to cut. When the expenses row blew up, Mick effortlessly misjudged the public mood by insisting the police be brought in to lift the leaker of the leak. Way to go Mick, that is really going to help."

Mr Martin has previously asserted that his elevation to The Speaker role marked a triumph for working class people. An assertion which does tend to challenge somewhat received understandings of the meaning of "triumph" in 150 years of socialist struggle.

Inside: As in all vexing issues of human culture we turn to The Simpsons for enlightenment. Homer on being caught in some nefarious deed responds: "Marge, I'm really sorry you found out."

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