Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Jesus Christ! What bit of "judgemental" is it that gays don't understand?

With Church of Scotland meenisters apparently objecting to one of their number being given to (cough) "throwing a light dart", the gay cleric in question, Scott Rennie, is said to be a bit thick.

In (presumably) praying his fellow clerics might be a bit more non-judgemental, it is apparent that he hasn't grasped the fundamental organising principle of religious discourse: a tendency to be a tad judgemental.

The view that church ministers must be avowed fanny rats and not given to (ahem) "playing for the away team" has support, as Professor Beaker of Glasgow's Centre for Studying Stuff That Only Makes Sense If You Don't Study Anything Else, told The JT:
"There is an evangelical element within the protestant tradition in Scotland that has the good bits of The Bible, the bits about not suffering sodomites to live, highlighted in yellow with 'And quite right too!' marked in the margins in green ink.
This group is referred to euphemistically as The Friends Of Early-Onset Dementia."

It is thought that this attempt to ban gay clerics is only the first step in an evangelical crusade to do away with female ministers as well. And if you're a female minister and also enjoy (harrumph) "walking holidays", you're doubly fucked.

And not in a good way...

Inside: The Bible: a guide for modern living, if you live in the past.

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The Paper Boy said...

Amusing (in a puerile sense) to read that his church is in a place called Queen's Cross.