Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Is this the end for The Taliban?

Clydesdale Horses

The Ministry of Defence announced this week immediate deployment to Afghanistan of a detachment of "Fran and Anna's Own" Cavalry. This elite tactical group will undermine Taliban morale by singing selections from the late sisters' songbook in Pashtoo.
If the Taliban still resist, MOD officials will then instruct unit commanders to employ the ultimate sanction - having the horses sit on the Taliban until they agree to play nice.

Fran and Anna's Own should not be confused by HM The Queen's Household Cavalry, the latter unit just sit around the house all day really...

The sadly now deceased, modestly attired, "Bathgate bags", seen here with the unfortunately still alive Johnnie Beattie.

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Jaggy said...

That's not very nice, I'm sure he's a lovely man, and someone's Grandad.