Sunday, 12 October 2008

Scotland 0-0 Norway. Burley: "Well that went rather well"

With a less than impressive performance against Norway at Hampden to contend with, manager George "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I luv yah, tomorrow!" Burley treated the post-match waiting media to several coats of Professor Pangloss's finest, saying: "I thought we played well considering we don't have an out-and-out striker the likes of Kris Boyd to call upon."

When the waiting media pointed out that Kris Boyd had in fact been sitting on the Scotland bench not ten feet from George, Mr Burley remarked :"It's easy for the press to pick the team, managers have to deal in realities and the realities are that we just don't have strikers of Boyd's calibre available for selection."

Bringing the interview to a close, Mr Burley walked past the squad dressing room noticing Kris Boyd hanging up his unused strip.

An astonished George said:"Has anybody ever told you how much you look like Kris Boyd? Its uncanny."

Inside: Terry Butcher defends Burley selection; " I wont 'ear a word said against the guv'nor! He's a diamond he is and no mistake! Reminds me of me dear old dad he does!
Oh, underneaf the archez!" etc.

KB in George-o-vision
and in normal-o-vision

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