Saturday, 25 October 2008

Links we like

Rather self serving this post, but bear with me for I shall reward you presently for your forbearance. I've no idea why I finished the preceding sentence the way I did, perhaps it's better just to move on...

Apparently, so the young people tell me, there are now more than a dozen sites on the interweb. Meaning that busy people like you, with many demands on your time, might find it difficult to make time to read the blog you're now reading.

Bear with me, I've taken my meds so any minute now one of these sentences will make sense.

What I mean is, there's this thing called Google Alerts which if you sign up for it tells if the site you're interested in has been updated. At least, I think that's how it works.

Anyway if you can't be bothered with that RSS malarky go here and you'll be either alerted as promised or aliens would eat your brains, one of the two.

Can I also point out to The JT's loyal readers (hello you two) that there's no law against you recommending the blog to the unwary, so do it...

Thanking you.

Finally here's the payoff I promised.
One from long-time JT supporter and kilt-maker to the gentry, Ian. A very old gag but a goody

The second I found on the blog of some guy who subscribed to The JT so, to show my gratitude for his loyalty I'm nicking one of his featured clips, what a bastard eh?

This clip isn't funny or sad it's just cute and lets face it, in these difficult times, we could all use some cute.

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