Thursday, 10 January 2013

Okaaay: maybe we should take a vote...

Mountaineer Cameron McNeish has objected to local feeling in Glencoe that the cottage last owned by Jimmy Savile should be demolished. 

Cameron's argument is that prior to Savile buying the house, the cottage was used as a workshop by Hamish McInnes, who apparently, in addition to being a mountaineer invented a couple of really useful tools for the sport.

OK, so, Cameron's argument is basically that we'd be knocking down a titular monument to a decent local bloke simply  because the cottage was subsequently owned by the child-rapist Savile.

While I can sort of see his point, I don't think this is going to play very well. For better or worse, the question :"Do you think the cottage once owned by Jimmy Savile, hopefully now getting sodomised by Satan For All Eternity, should be preserved because it was previously owned by some nice guy who did a lot of good?"
I'd be a No on this. Sorry Cameron.
Its only stones and mortar. 
Level it.

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