Sunday, 27 January 2013

"And these stories just in...": being part two of what's turning into a weekly occurrence mainly because none of these stories is worth a blog post of its very own.

Football news. Hibbie Leigh Griffiths has been arrested on suspicion of shoplifting from a Tescos. Here we see Leigh running away from the store, dressed in his Hibs strip, pursued by a security guard dressed as a Hearts player.
Leigh Griffiths
Football news, again. Our late, unlamented,  national manager  has lamented the poor quality of the players he had to work with. I swear I'm not making this up. Apparently Craig's (for it is he) brilliant tactical decision-making was constantly undermined by the shite on the park that he had to work with.
 I'm not sure what's worse, Craig thinking anyone gives a stuff for what he thinks or The Skintsman On Sunday for giving him a platform. Anyway, this picture accompanying the feature shows Craig pleading with The Heavenly Father to give Scotland a win, or failing that, to ensure Craig got his £500K of jotters money...
Craig Levein was sacked as Scotland manager last year. Picture: SNS
"But how shall I fuck off Lord?"

Local news now. Below, a car, parked not a million miles from Jaggy Acres. Apparently, to help preserve Scotland's wildlife, requires tooling about in a Passat estate, yours for something in the region of 24000 of your earth pounds. 
As late-Bonzo Viv Stanshall  might have remarked: that's "one hell of a region."
You'll see that we've not shown the license plate, but if the user of the vehicle cares to get in touch to explain why someone working for a charity  FFS, would require such a big fuck off motor, I'll gladly publish any response.

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