Friday, 11 January 2013

Green warns SPL:"We'll play in Hobbit League!

Charles Green seen here meeting  the Shire League bosses in his head.

Blunt, no nonsense Yorkshire man and Rangers Chief Charles Green today hit out at the proposed league reconstruction in Scotland and vowed that Rangers would play their football elsewhere on Earth: possibly Middle Earth.
Speaking a language not unlike English he told The JT:" 'appen I've joost seen documentary fillum like. T'obbit it were called, and 'appen we might take cloob and play int Shire League. Fromt fillum, its likely all their lads would be tiny blokes like and 'appen we'd dominate alt arial tussles. 'appen..."
Mr Green stopped talking at that point because its was becoming increasingly difficult to sustain the attempt at a Yorkshire accent.

Inside: Favourite Yorkshire gag. Ethel splashes out and takes her famously dour husband Albert, to Las Vegas for a luxury holiday taking in the shows of the great comedians of the day, Benny, Hope, Lewis, Mason and so on. On the plane home, Ethel enquires of her routinely mono-syllabic husband if he'd enjoyed the array of comedic talent, to which he replies :" Aye, s'right for them that likes laffin' ah suppose." 

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