Sunday, 6 January 2013

"Oh, Michtie me!" etc.

EXPOSED! Yon lying polar bear noo living the highlife in The Highlands

The polar bear cub involved in cruelly deceiving the public we can now reveal is living the Life of Riley in The Highlands.
 Walker, then a cub, filmed at a wildlife park in Holland was presented by the BBC as living in the wild. 
Speaking through the fence of its new luxury home at a wildlife park at Kincraig, Walker told our reporter: "I am afraid you're having a delusional episode because polar bears can only vocalise through a series of grunts and barks and as a species we definitely can't speak English or any other language come to that."

Determined to confront the ursine cheat about its devious past, our reporter scaled the enclosure fence and was immediately torn to bits.

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