Monday, 30 March 2009

Loath as I am

to even grudgingly admit that there are people who do sarky stuff better than me, I nevertheless have to admit that this blog on the Sandi Thom /Alex Salmond thing is very funny.
It's worth checking out if only for the video of Alex (ahem) "guesting" at one of Ms Thom's gigs to duet on "Caledonia".


As a shark-jumping moment, it's right up there with Tory madman John Redwood miming his way through the Welsh national anthem and Peter Mandelson's much loved screaming queen turn at the Hartlepool election count. In the interests of balance, if anyone knows of a LIb-Dem leader making at tit of himself on video, do tell.

Anyway, apparently Ms Thom isn't going to sing at SNP events any more, which is nearly as good as her saying she's not going to sing any more.

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