Sunday, 15 March 2009

Christine - the patron saint of slow news days

Christine, national treasure, dingbat

s a Sunday. A quiet day in terms of breaking news. The front page of the BBC Scotland News website is looking a bit thin. Who you gonna call? Christine Grahame of course!

Christine apparently is after The English to return a letter of safe conduct issued to William Wallace to allow him passage through England. Er, right. That really worked...

Coming up... Christine continues to demand the return of everything that isn't actually nailed down, for display in a Scottish context.
And quite right too. Artefacts should be displayed in their domestic context. Which is why Scottish museums and galleries will be presently returning all those other artefacts previously looted from around the world. You know, the artefacts that make up over 50% of the collections.

Or perhaps not...

For the following clip to work, you have to imagine that Mark Heap is Christine. Enjoy:


Lewis said...

Have you read this yet? Do an article on the mad woman who wrote that

Edwin Moore said...

Excellent, thanks for that