Thursday, 5 March 2009

"and another thing" : Dens Dodger of Deceasement Drones Dementedly Despite Disbursing Drowsiness.

Oxygen thief and Dens boss Jocky Scott hit out at the ageism afflicting the Scottish game this week. 

Jocky, 61 or 71 or something, told The JT: "Too many good managers of my generation are being passed up in favour of young whippersnappers, striplings barely out of their forties. I didn't fight in two world wars. But if I had I would've have been very peeved to see how things have turned out. Erm. Where was I?"

Jocky, who this month won the prestigious the Wincarnis "Isn't He Marvellous For His Age?" gold commode, held the waiting media entranced as he recalled how much better things were in the old days:
"When I was a young manager trying to make my way in football, I was continually blocked by clubs insisting on bringing in older, more experienced managers. And, I'll tell you this, it didn't do me any harm apart from blocking my way in football management.  Erm, and another thing."

Jocky concluded the press conference by saying that the trouble with young people today was that no one took a blind bit of notice of anything he said. Or words to that effect. Definitely something along those lines.


Inside: And if "deceasement" isn't a word, it should be, so beat it.

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