Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Links we like

Hello again, fellow link likers.
Of the links below, two are directly recommended by a
JT reader and two are just ones that have I found down the back of my mental fridge - links I'd meant to share but hadn't.

Guests go first in our house, so thanks to Regina Iain for sharing the following:
First up, a clip that Iain tells me is a big hit with his fellow Canadians. Very long nights in Canada during the winter, not a lot to do, which might explain why this brilliant bit of blasphemy is such a hit.

Do not share this clip with that Auntie who went off to be a nun. With her, best stick to clips of kittens and balls of wool.

As in kittens playing with balls of wool obviously, not a kitten with woollen balls, that wouldn't make sense: Glasgow Jesus


Also from Iain, a gem of a marketing opportunity for the Homecoming Scotland campaign, which my spies tell me isn't going all that well. With uniquely talented (ahem) "all-round entertainers" like this waiting to welcome the world, I think the marketing wallahs are missing a trick.

At least that is, until the subject of this clip is sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Two clips now, very different but united by great guitar playing. Until I saw a recently repeated doc on BBC2, for my sins I'd forgotten how good a writer the late Jake
Thackray was and sotto voce, that he was also an understated but quietly brilliant guitar player. See what you think: 

Finally, in an act of supreme self-abasement, I reluctantly share with you the gob-smacking goodiocity of Joscho Stefan, a laughably young German gypsy style guitar player.

I say reluctantly, because the JT reader probably remembers that your editor likes to think he can play the guitar. He also likes to think that Maura Tierney is sending him coded messages via the TV but that's another matter. The only way I could play the guitar as fast as this kid is by being strapped into the back of a Tornado with the re-heat engaged.

I hate this guy so much.

Enjoy, while I go off for a well deserved sulk:

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