Tuesday, 20 January 2009

"Let's Rawk!"etc - elderly lady glad to have hobby, salary

National treasure and beacon of merriment in these troubled times, list MSP Christine Grahame is to present a motion to Holyrood demanding that Aussie rockers AC/DC be honoured in Scotland.

Ms Grahame told The
JT: "When Malcolm and Angus Young formed the band a scant 10000 miles away from Scotland in Sydney back in 1973, I bet they never thought that one day a middle-aged woman with far too much time on her hands would be seeking unsolicited honours on their behalf."

It is thought that this current campaign will replace moving the bones of Mary, Queen of Scots north in Ms Grahame's affections. "Yes", Ms Grahame told The
JT, "I was very interested in that idea for a while. I've forgotten why I was so concerned about that. I'm much more committed to this new idea I've got, whatever it is. What's my name again?"

brain box Professor Beaker sees Ms Grahame's latest campaign as evidence that care in the community is working. "In days gone by, someone of Ms Grahame's advancing years would've spent her days sitting quietly, staring into space and occasionally mumbling rubbish. Now, thanks to the list system in place at Holyrood she can still do all of that, but in the warm., while in receipt of a nice big salary. Which is nice."

Ms Grahame has met members of the band privately at a recent after-gig party. "I honoured members of the band in their dressing room in the usual way rock band members expect to be honoured. And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got this really funny taste in my - " (Rest of line removed on legal advice.)

Inside: "I see Barack Obama can trace his lineage back to William The Lion. Unlike George Bush who can trace his lineage back to Lenny The Lion."
(JT entry in the Last Ever Joke About George Bush competition.)

Cheerio George.


The Paper Boy said...

Middle aged?? She's like something from the middle ages - her publicity photo has had more airbrushing than Donald Campbell's Bluebird K7 Hydroplane. Harridan doesn't begin to explain the look of the woman and her personality is less attractive!

david said...

There are other ill's and aliments that the country should be looking at and addressing , but some kind of acknowledgement for these guys - ac/dc and Bon Scott is more than overdue... , one of the biggest rock'n'roll bands on the planet and very few people in Scotland even know that they're "home grown" ,... come on ...