Thursday, 21 March 2013


Councillors at Glasgow City Council will meet today to consider a short-list of new design ideas  for George Square in the city. 
Readers with not especially long memories will remember that the last short-list was torn up after Labour Leader Gordon Mathewson proclaimed to the know world that he was acting to reflect the democratic will of the people- who hud spoken so they hud, and pronounced  the then short-list of designs  to be pure pish so they wuhr. 
This wonderful act of democratic theatre was of course in no way inspired by the fact that Mr Mathewson had just lately been lifted by the polis after being found in a South Side car park looking for badgers with a young gentleman friend and didn't have the required distracting rabbit handy to pull out of the hat with declaiming ta da!
So let's here none of that kind of talk and instead enjoy what I would contend Mr Mathewson has in mind. I mean, look at it. Its fabulous!

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