Sunday, 17 March 2013

See that BBC 5 live?

That is meant to be a UK-wide channel right? So, what case can be made for targeting/following one team in the 6 nations by broadcasting a week by week account of "Lancaster's England"?. 
This is a screen grab of the upcoming show  to be shown this coming Tuesday:

Sorry if its a bit  faint, but the body copy reads:
" Alastair Eykn goes behind the scenes with the England rugby camp as they prepared for their recent Six Nations match against Italy." 
Let's forgive the mixing of tenses for the moment and recall events in Cardiff a few hours ago.
And now lets think of a possible BBC 5 live defence. 
They could say: "We'd cover any team heading for a possible Grand Slam." OK, let's see what happens next year. 
They could say:
" England has by far the biggest demographic of any of the home nations, so we're only meeting our charter requirements by concentrating our feature content on England." 
Which I think is fair enough, and given that the show doesn't go out until Tuesday, there's still time to edit the body copy to bring the story arc up to date. Which is also fair enough...

Which reads:
 "And after England scrape a lucky win against Italy, we move on to Cardiff where Lancaster's team are handed their collective arse via a 30-3 gubbing."

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