Sunday, 17 February 2013

Feel Free do

to attempt to pick the logic out of this.
 Here's the facts: Scotland has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Europe. Unlike other countries this might have something to do with the practice of making it very difficult  for our teenagers to either get contraceptive advice or honest, straight forward, guilt free sex education. 
A group of doctors ( The Scottish Sexual Health Lead Clinicians Group) has not unreasonably, suggested that we open up post sexual contact services, including the morning-after pill, to school age girls. Now, bearing in mind that the suggestion is to provide a service to girls who have had sex, let us now turn to Brain of Nowhere, John Deignan, who is apparently, The Mother Church's "Parliamentary Officer" , whatever the fuck that is and be prepared to try to work out what he's on about. I quote verbatim, from the BBC website feature, so belive me, it is as bad as it reads.

"The parliamentary officer for the Roman Catholic church in Scotland, John Deighan, said the proposal from the SSHLCG sent the wrong message to children.
He said: "Sexual behaviour is something that's for adults. Children deserve to have a childhood.
"Making emergency contraception available to children is a green light really that that's the sort of behaviour they should be involved in, and I think a lot of young girls especially want to resist that behaviour.
"But if adults are telling them 'no, we expect that of you' then you're really leaving them without the help and support they need."

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