Thursday, 21 February 2013

but seriously dude... (From The BBC)

Former UK minister Mark Malloch-Brown said that the world would be watching Scotland as the referendum on independence draws nearer. Sorry, Mark who?
In an interview with the BBC's Glenn Campbell, the one-time United Nations deputy secretary general said people in Scotland would face a choice at the autumn 2014 poll that could have a lot of ramifications. "Deputy secretary general"? Is that actually a thing? Does the deputy do secretary generalling when the sherrif's out of town chasing Black Hat Bart and his gang with a posse?

Mr Malloch-Brown, who was minister of state at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Gordon Brown's government, also believed the United States would be wise to keep out of the Scottish independence. Apparently he was Brown's minister of state at the Foreign Office. Maybe his Mum got him in or something. You know, he sort of worked himself up from doing the internal mail. Do you think his Mum knows him? Seriously, I've no idea who this guy was...sorry... is.

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