Wednesday, 3 October 2012

What the fuck?

We normally apply a self-denying ordnance around here when it comes to reporting stuff from Near-Foreign- i.e. That England, but I just couldn't resist  this.
Below we see Labour leader Ed Miliband addressing the UK party conference in Manchester.

 Now, ignore the fact that the screen grab makes him look like he's enjoying being kissed in a very special and private way and check out the girl to his left. What the fuck is the design on her top? Two devils? Two cats? Perhaps the whole thing's been set up to distract attention away from the fact that Ed, whatever his many virtues,always looks and talks like the Head Boy wishing the headmaster a long and happy retirement on behalf of the whole school. 

Against the competition, provided by Ed, our own political class of now grown up school swots look positively well- hard. Anyway, if you can offer any additional i insight on what on earth this wumman's wearing, send us a postcard.

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