Sunday, 28 October 2012

"The King Herod Home for vulnerable children"

OK, I know they didn't know it at the time, but as a sidebar to a story on the BBC website reporting that Savile's cottage in Glencoe had been vandalised, its also reported that the charitable trust that now owns the cottage had some plans for it, before all the horror of this deviant's "hobby" was revealed.  
The BBC report notes:"the cottage was to be sold earlier this year but the sale was halted by Savile's charitable trust, who announced plans to convert it into a respite centre for the disabled."
 Yeech. God knows history makes fools of us all, but talk about dodging  a bullet...

It might be better now just to demolish the old monster's Highland lair on purpose before the locals do it anyway. They have very long memories around Glencoe way, very long...

Inside: Anyway, enough of that man. Some time ago a mate of mine, of  a Macdonald sept, wrote into The Guardian on the perfidy of the Clan Campbell in general and of the then infamous Alastair Campbell in particular. Wullie, (for it was he), signed off by conceding that the family "do make good soup though."
Last year, your editor, responding to a largely laudatory account of the clan published, again in The Guardian, wrote in with  the following;"Did Angus Peter Campbell (The shame of the Campbells, G2, 13 February) give us the whole story of his clan's history or just the condensed version?"
And fuck me but the paper published the letter! Which makes it one out of about eleventy million.

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