Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How Journalism works (sometimes)

One news organisation, but my, the walls between sections must be so high!

On the BBC England website a happy, fluffy-wuffy feature on English Northerners happily living and working in Scotland. Their number includes one Andrew Dickson, head of arts body, Creative Scotland.
 He tells the Beeb, (English varient):
"Working in Newcastle was an absolute dream but what you have here is access - today I've had meetings with three Scottish cabinet minsters.

"It's a small nation and one where politicians take an overview of everything that's happening.

"If you're sat in the North of England, Westminster seems a long way away - here it's a short walk of 10 minutes down the road to Holyrood."

Perhaps no space then to record the news, featured on the BBC Scotland website, that Mr Dixon's handling of the arts sector has triggered a critical letter from 100 prominent artists in Scotland.

Anyway, nice to see him finding the time out of his busy schedule to make nice with the BBC.Even if it is just the English bit.

Inside: The English feature is actually about people from Newcastle, which reminds me of the old gag:"What do you  call a Scotsman with brain damage? A geordie."
Its the way I mackem!

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