Saturday, 20 October 2012

SNP: Scotland to stay in Nato, Tharggian High Command said to be shitting themselves.

Invasion of The Earth by the expansionary Tharggian Empire was called off today on the news that an independent Scotland would stay in Nato. 

A spokestentaclething for the Tharggian High Command told The JT via some telepathic-type device: "Even travelling at just below light speeds, our battle fleet wasn't due to arrive in Earth orbit until after the 4th deno quadsec, or 2014 in Earth time. But now we've heard the an independent Scotland intends staying inside a super-army like Nato- well, fuck that for a game of soldiers. We've cancelled the whole thing and we're going to rethink the whole galactic conquest idea. It might not actually be the best for us really."

Professor Beaker commented:" By voting to stay in Nato, the SNP have demonstrated their maturity in making a completely meaningless gesture in a world where Scotland is more likely to get invaded by a fellow Nato member than by some external threat.
I'm now taking bets as to when SNP high command display further maturity be deciding that Trident can remain in Scotland provided Alex gets to stand on a sub conning tower looking butch."
A Tharggian, shitting himself, yesterday.

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