Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Not ripped, not sorted

You know how it's said that taking an instant dislike to someone means you can save lots of time later?
Take a look at these chaps. 
I can't find a way of embedding the clip from a few days ago (the link is below but) but basically it's  a couple of minutes of them saying they were going to kayak all the way from Lerwick to Norway and how tough it was going to be what with the high winds and big waves expected. All delivered in that confident accent of those given to the English persuasion - you know the one, the way everyone in Ullapool seems to speak.
Anyway, guess what happened. Go on, have a guess.

That's right, they had to give up after a couple of hours because of high winds and big waves.
And like earlier in the week, my thoughts turned Fast Showwards with "The Offroaders" confidently asserting what was  just going to happen just  before instantly fuckin' it up.

I know I should be more understanding, seeing how they were doing it for charity  and all, but still, I just felt that emotion, you know the one, the Germans have got a word for it. Starts with an "S".

Inside: If it's still up, the clip is at:

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