Saturday, 9 July 2011

As my

old philosophy tutor at Oxford would've no doubt told me, if I'd  gone to Oxford, "JT editor, dear boy, context is crucial to understanding."
How very true. Imagine the scene, dear reader do, just a few scant hours ago when we pulled into a picnic stop on the banks of Loch Tay. I first spot this gentleman, at the entrance to the stop just standing about.
"Ah, ha," thinks I, " Day tripper fae Govan, I'll be bound."
Because he looked like this:

But then I spot him a few minutes later, fully contextualised, like this:

It turns out, dear reader, that him and his Lady Frau are of the Germanic persuasion, from Frankfurt, and they cheerfully spend every waking hour either in Scotland or thinking about Scotland. 
The gentleman concerned has gone as far as to convince himself that he was Scottish in a past life. So severe has their collective mania become that they fully intend moving to Scotland when resources allow. And no, they don't actually mind the weather...
So context is all for understanding. When I first spotted the guy I thought he looked a bit mental, after informative discussions I now confidently conclude that he's completely mental.
 And so's his wife.

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