Thursday, 28 July 2011

If memory serves

but I'm not quite sure, because I can't quite remember, a line from Battlestar Galactica insisted that :"All of  this has happened before and will happen again."
 Which I think nodded to the fact that the unfolding events in BSG were pre-ordained and replayed endlessly through all eternity. Or something.

 I'm a bit vague on this point, because the big blond sex-robot wan got a lot of screen time and I found her presence very distracting . 
Or something.

Anyway, all this BSG reverie was brought on by the news feature on The BBC Scotland site reporting that the Glasgow Science Centre's famous rotating tower is now famous for never rotating and never being open.
Cue  calls for an enquiry, public executions etc.
Which in turn reminded me that this had all happened before, yadda, yadda, on the pages of the old Jaggy Thistle back in August 2003. 

"Troubled Tower Testimony To Tits-up Technology.
The good news this week is that the Glasgow Science Centre welcomed its millionth visitor - the bad news is that the tower thing is still shut.
With no sign of the landmark structure reopening after it disobligingly started to sink into the ground a few weeks after being completed, staff at the Centre are now pondering reassigning meaning to the structure.
Initially seen as a visual metaphor celebrating Man’s technological aspirations, it is now thought that the tower will now remain shut - in mute testimony to the number of times Man makes a right arse of something.
As Professor Beaker of Dundee’s Centre for The Study of Face-Saving U-Turns explains:"This might work, we need to be reminded from time to time that our race’s technological endeavours come to aught. But we’re not alone in this, God created man as his supreme accomplishment and look at the arse-up The Deity made of that one." It is thought that the Centre will mount an exhibition picking up on the tits-up theme. Included will be a selection of items bought from PoundStretcher, famous for looking the part but never actually working.

There were plans to feature items bought from More Stores but those never even made it out of the shoap before turning to a useless pile of plastic crud."

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