Friday, 8 October 2010

"Counterfeit warnings very similar to authentic warnings" warner warns...

The real head of The Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) acted swiftly to warn outgoing tourists on the dangers of counterfeit warnings about counterfeit goods. 

The officer told The JT: " There has been a number of warnings in the media on the practice of buying knock-off gear while on holiday abroad. We'd like to make it clear, that these warnings, purporting to come from The SCDEA are actually the work of the fake SCDEA."

The real head of the agency warned tourists that buying 3 "Rolex" watches off a guy in the street in Tenerife  for 10 Euros was "fuelling the international drug trade. In a way that's not made all that clear in our press release, the trade in cheap knock-offs helps fund the international drug-trade." Why the international drug trade needs financial support was not immediately apparent but if The SCDEA says its true then its must be.

Officers from the agency will be stepping up the fight against counterfeiting by handing out leaflets to out-going tourists at Scotland's airports this weekend. Our agency contact said:" By standing around handing out leaflets we'll be sending out a strong message to the international criminals: the message being we're all standing about handing out leaflets instead of doing anything remotely useful."

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