Monday, 16 November 2009

Under-fire Burley to be fired, fired upon...

As it looks increasingly likely that Scotland Manager George Burley will get the tin tack this week, we ask, what will happen next?

Dawn's early light: George is offered a blindfold, given the last rites and asked if he has any last requests. Request to learn how to play guitar turned down.

At the rising of the sun: George is marched into the barrack square and positioned in front of firing squad.Firing squad is made up of all the strikers and attacking mid-field players George has worked through in the last 22 months. The squad check the load, aim their rifles at the target  on George's chest and fire on command.

Last post sounds: George removes the blindfold, inspects the evidence of missed shots on the wall behind him and exits the square to negotiate his pay-off from the SFA.

Officer commanding the firing  squad, Colonel Gordon Smith, leaves without talking to the waiting press. 

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