Thursday, 12 November 2009


The Herald, November 12th 2009:

"The climax to the Scottish Government’s controversial year-long celebration of the nation’s culture has been forced to downscale due to a lack of interest.
In what is a major embarrassment for SNP ministers, a programme of headline concerts to end the Year of Homecoming is being moved to smaller venues following poor ticket sales."
The Jaggy Thistle, 26th January, 2009:
"OK, the organisers of Homecoming Scotland are are pains to claim that the Year isn't just about Burns, which is a relief, because if it was, then 2009 would be the shortest year on record.

But, I'm still a bit concerned that the initial emphasis on Burns is a bit unwise in marketing terms. To put it crudely, with Burns Night awa with the cattle and January not yet loused, I fear we're in a post pop-shot situation. We've had the climax, and now we're just going to spend the rest of the year cleaning up."

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