Friday, 13 November 2009


what happens when you put two revolutionary socialists together, alone, in the same room? 

Answer: you create the objective conditions for a massive doctrinal split that will retard the development of socialism for 100 years!

To illustrate the truth behind this assertion, consider reader dear this extract from the return at the Springburn count: 
Louise Daid, Socialist Labour Party, 47 votes. Kevin McVey, Scottish Socialist Party, 152. Tommy Sheridan, Solidarity, 794. 

Not a glowing performance one has to admit, but aggregated, that vote would've at least come close to that of the BNP candidate.
 Factor in the Green vote,(332) and again, in aggregate, the  non-Labour left  vote starts to look a bit more respectable.
Or at least not catastrophically bad. 

OK, OK, I know all the arguments around why you can't just carry-over votes between parties, but still. 


Anyway, retailing all of the above provides me with an excuse to stick this link in to, in my not especially humble opinion,the best bit of political satire ever committed to celluloid bar none. 

And no, we're not taking a fucking  vote on it.

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