Thursday, 5 November 2009

Real archaeologists congratulate spawny get...

Real archaeologists in Scotland this week fixed rigid smiles on, gritted their collective teeth and congratulated ingénue amateur treasure hunter David Booth, who stumbled across a £1m treasure hoard. 

Professor Beaker of Edinburgh's Department of Valuable Antiquities Found by A Lucky Spawny Get told the JT: "In over 30 years of painstaking, methodical fieldwork I've never come across anything worth more than hee-fuckin'-haw, and then this lucky bastard comes along and finds a million quid's worth of old stuff. Remind me again, in what sense is life fair?"

In a bizarre turn of phrase, oor Davie, whose day job is chief game warden at Blair Drummond Safari Park, told the press (this is true) that he only took up treasure-hunting  to get out in the "open-air more".

Er, right.

So, does that mean that all the wild-life at BD just stay inside all the time? 

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